Samarkand agricultural institute was established in 1929. The institute is one of Central Asia's largest institution of higher education in the field of agriculture.More

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Students' hostel

Hostel number 1 Samarkand Agricultural Institute, a capacity - 350 seats, was built in 1978-1979. In the hostel there are all conditions for a meaningful leisure time students. This helps them following centers: "Abode of spirituality" (Head Urazbayeva Shirin), "Experts" (head-2nd year student of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Science and karakulevodstva Ongolbekov P), the "Club of debates" (head R.Ganzhiev), "the Council of Senior groups "(the head of the student third year economics faculty K.Hudoyberdiev. The first student dormitory to improve living conditions and leisure of students have different circles: Scientific Circle (head N.Ruzikulov)," Daughters of Zulfiya "(chairwoman Dzh.Sayfiddinova) , a circle of artistic creation (head Abdullayev), sports circle, a circle of checkers and chess (A.Tuvalov), table tennis circle (T.Pronina) circle Kurash (A.Berdiyarov).

Mentor students living in a hostel is an assistant professor D.E.Eshimov. On each floor of the hostel, there are lounges where there televizor, chess, checkers and other games. On the third floor of the hostel is reading center of information resources. (Sh.Urazbaeva). Each floor has a bathroom mentor and student room roditeley. On the ground floor there is a "Center for the Study of Languages" (Head M.Kamolov) otdelenie spirituality and education (D.Daminov), "Camelot" (B.Tashbaev). The hostel has all the conditions for a healthy lifestyle and an excellent student learning.


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