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The department of marketing services

Shams Bahodir Muhitdinovich


Candidate of Veterinary Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of Department.




Candidate of Veterinary Sciences, Associate Professor Shamsiev Bahodir Muhiddinovich since 2005 he has been working head of marketing. Under the leadership of Shamsieva BMworked as a senior warden (inspector) Sharipov Zilola and overseer Satarova Shakhnoza.


The main objective of marketing is considered to study the requirements and demand of qualified professionals, the analysis of the employment of graduates, monitoring their work to develop fair professionals improve the quality of training.


In order to study and development of conjuncture fair specialists staff of the Institute of Marketing Service exert their activity on the basis of the decree of the parent bodies, as well as the Decrees of the Rector of the Institute.


On the basis of the Charter (the Down) "On the order of the target training on the basis of the state grant" graduate sends one copy of the contract at the disposal of the organization and the referral form "On the direction of the work" with the indication of the Ministry "on the employment of young specialists work" with the time and organization. Next in line comes the marketing department with the signature of the head of the organization and the stamp. After graduation, students are trained on the basis of the state grant (produce) make an entry in the book of employment record number of graduates and the number of orders. Then, within 3 years from the marketing department chief of Studies, Deans, Head of the Department, specialty Senior Lecturer monitored and provided with the necessary assistance.


After studying the requirements and demand for each specialty organizations and enterprises made a contract with the Institute of Navoi, Jizzakh and Samarkand regions, which until 2015 will be drawn up on the basis of which will work.


Admission to the educational institutions of Uzbekistan. State Commission on the basis of the Charter of the Ministry of the Republic of Uzbekistan. "On the payment of scholarships to students of the university," the order number 344 of 17 August 2001 to 15 September 1 st year students have to pay 50% of the total contract value, the second and subsequent years until October 1, the rest before March 1. Payment is held by two or three parties to the contract.

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