Samarkand agricultural institute was established in 1929. The institute is one of Central Asia's largest institution of higher education in the field of agriculture.More

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The cooperation with academic lyceums and vocational colleges

Kurbanov Shukurulla Kholmuminovich 
Candidate of Veterinary Sciences 
Head of academic lyceums 
and professional colleges



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Ulugbek -77, Samarkand, Uzbekistan. 
Tel / fax: +99866 234-07-86  

     Activities of Samarkand Agricultural Institute, working with academic lyceums and professional colleges.

   The department collaborates with 2 academic lyceums and 30 professional colleges of agricultural areas, which have signed a contract to attract graduates to higher education institutions and providing them with employment. Department of mutual cooperation with relevant organizations on innovative corporate basis.

 In 2 academic lyceums and 30 professional colleges, which are part of the Institute, appointed curator deans, heads of departments and senior specialists.Each time professional college opened a branch departments of the institute. In addition, with more than 150 professional colleges of the Republic signed an agreement on mutual cooperation.

  The task is to help the department branches Institute specialists to improve the effectiveness of teaching, teaching and implementation of information technology, patronage of teachers college in the profile function, joint research by providing new equipment and work on it, writing the missing textbooks and manuals, programming and elective classes on modern methods of teaching.

    Regularly conducted an analysis of data on academic lyceums and professional colleges, foundations IDC, a contingent of teachers in areas of education, teaching staff, scientific and pedagogical potential teachers. Also, teachers colleges and academic lyceums must be submitted materials on the direction of education and is annually held "Open Day" for high school graduates and college.

      Professors and leading scientists of the institute and handed over to colleges and high schools for more than 50 books and more than 100 textbooks. In different years, these textbooks and teaching aids won prizes in the category "Best textbook of the year." Particular attention is paid to the quality of their textbooks.In them, besides theoretical departments, always present and the program of laboratory employment.

    In the agricultural vocational college Samarkand opened mini milk processing plant, created in cooperation with Japanese experts, an incubator for breeding chickens, laboratory diagnosis and zooanaliza, assists students in practical training in educational practice and consolidate skills.

    Organized a meeting of graduates of professional colleges with employers, heads of organizations and joint ventures, farms, with the regional department of special vocational training. At these meetings, the employer shall characteristics of college graduates. For the second year, before being sent to the practice, prepared a trilateral agreement on the device graduates to work in the future.

    Graduates of vocational training areas Agriculture, Veterinary, Animal husbandry sent to work in professional colleges and thereby help to improve the pedagogical potential.  2 doctors of sciences, professors, 20 associate professors and senior lecturers at the time basis to help in raising the scientific potential of professional colleges.

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