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The center of information-technologies

Abruev ISMAIL 
Ph.D., associate professor, head of the center.

Contact information:

Ulugbek -77. 140103. 
Samarkand, Uzbekistan. 
Tel / + 8366 2340100 
fax: +998662340787 
Visiting day: Every day 15:00 - 17:00.

  In 1997, for the development of technology SamSKHI computer network open and organized the test center. The center has developed a program of test questions and answers. 
  In 1997-2002 years in the computer center organized framework for the study of tests in many disciplines, as well as to conduct the certification tests for students of all faculties. 
May 23, 2001 in connection with the order of the Minister of Higher and Secondary Special Education Center was renamed "Center for Information Technology." 
  The center now has two offices, "Information and technical support and the use of teaching and learning materials and software training."

Center supervises PhD, Associate Professor Ismail Abru. Also in the center of the work: 
Murodov Kodir - Head of Software 
Eshonkulov Elkin - software engineer 1 category, 
Suyarov Kahramon - Head of Computer class 
Kurbanov Nigina - software programmer, 0.5 rate 
Gaybarova Lailo - techniques. 
Gosteva Olga Valerovna- software engineer, 
Uzakov Erkin Panzhievich - software engineer, 
Ostonov Alisher - software engineer, 
Sergey Kiselev - LAN Administrator, 
Shokirov Temur- software engineer, 0,5 rates. 
  The main objectives of the center; 
- Technological equipment of operation of computers in the institute; 
- Implementation of those. assistance during the operation of computers in the classroom; 
-Implementation of control over the technical condition of computers and enriching them with modern materials; 
- Provision support computers with new information; 
- Ensuring that the local network of the Institute; 
- Automation of the educational process; 
- Enrichment program (ZIYO NET) to-date information; 
- Obtaining and processing information via email from parent organizations; 
- Timely provision of sending information to the appropriate authorities; 
- The annual update of passports higher and secondary specialized education ministries; 
- Create and supplement web site at the institute; 
- Ensuring the work of students, faculty members and staff of the Institute of information on the Internet; 
- Ensuring the effective use of computers in the classroom; 
- Ensure the use of electronic versions of textbooks and manuals; 
- Ensuring data security. 
  The Institute has more than 400 computers, most of which are mainly used in the classroom.Operates 13 computer classes and is working in the classroom. The Institute has 160 computers have a local connection with the students, graduate students, undergraduates, as well as faculty members. 
  Classrooms are equipped with audio-video equipment, where classes are held in the highest modern standards.



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