Samarkand agricultural institute was established in 1929. The institute is one of Central Asia's largest institution of higher education in the field of agriculture.More

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The chair of general-technical sciences and safety of vital activity

Mamas Shaukat Alikulovich - Associate Professor, Head of the Department.

The department was formed under the leadership of Associate Professor IK Kruglov in 1979, which were trained on the engineering disciplines future mechanical engineers and was called "Descriptive Geometry and technology of construction materials." Teachers who were at the origins of the Department of Education had organized laboratory training workshops, classrooms for lectures and practical exercises, to make curricula and guidelines for the disciplines of the department. In these years of the department were Assoc. II Gurevich, Assoc. LB Persian, MN Sadykova, Assoc. BS Suleymanov, UU Ablakulov, educational master A. Ablaev, T. Juraev, lab Grigoryan L. In the following years came to the department Ph.D. RS Dayan TK Ostonov, IT Ergashev, Dzh.S.Yuldashev, HH Ra'zac, Sh Mamas uniformizing parameter Bobo, Senior Lecturer AY Hosilbekov, Assistant IB Zhuraev, S.M.Sariev, Ё.I. Islomov, K.I.Huzhamatov, A.Hodzhimamedov, A.S.Maanazarov.

Head of the Department worked with the 1979-1986 Ph.D., Associate Professor IK Round, with rt 1986-1993 n., Associate Professor BS Suleymanov 1993-2000 year Ph.D., Associate Professor WW Ablakulov, 2001-2012 year Ph.D., Associate Professor TK Ostonov. From 2012 and currently an assistant professor Sh.A.Mamasov.

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