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The chair of agricultural machines, exploitation and repairing

Abduganiev Zoyirkul - Head of Department, Associate Professor.

History of the department "Agricultural machines, maintenance and repairs" is closely connected with the history of the Institute and it was formed as a department, in 1930 under the title "The mechanization and electrification of agricultural production", and its first head was Associate Professor A.I.Burshtin. Starting from September 1939 to 1941 the department was headed B.I.Ponamarёv. In connection with the evacuation of Moscow

Agricultural Academy in the city of Samarkand, in 1941 the department was headed by Professor P.V.Seleznev. From December 1943 to 1954 the department was headed by Associate Professor AI Nizametdinov and worked at the Department L.M.Zilberments, V.V.Derevenko. 1965-1970 years he headed the department assistant professor V.V.Agafonov. The development of the department in the 60 years have contributed V.V.Agafonov lecturers, senior lecturers and D.Sh.Golberg M.S.Luchkin, A.V.Poliev, A.F.Ivanov and others. From 1970 to 1981 he headed the department assistant professor V.A.Davlatyan, from 1981 to 1990, associate professor R.B.Safarov, from 1990 to 1996, associate professor A.Zh.Zhahangirov and from 1996 to 2004, associate professor H.Norboev. During these years, worked at the department lecturers A.I.Nizametdinov, V.A.Davlatyan, H.Ya.Muhamadiev, R.B.Safarov, R.S.Gasanov, Sh.T.Razanov, O.Shavazov, Senior Lecturer Mr. .G.Poddubny, R.S.Dayanov of assistants G.E.Eshankulov, Sh.Sh.Sulaymonov, M.N.Sodikova, A.Ortikov, B.U.Nurmihamedov, U.Karshiev, S.I.Hoshimov .

In 1978, from the Departments new department called "mechanization and electrification of livestock" and until 1991 he headed the department assistant professor Sh.Suvankulov. This department worked docents A.I.Nizametinov, L.B.Persidskaya, I.I.Giravin, R.Husanov senior teachers Ph.D., I.K.Kruglov, M.S.Lukin, AK .Hodzhaev, D.I.Zhabriev, N.B.Botirov assistants M.Mamatov, Z.A.Abduganiev, S.Ortikov, S.Holiknazarov, N.I.Valiev, O.Z.Ahmedov, NN Khamidov, Ё.Halliev, H.Pulatov, H.Koyuilov and N.Bumatov.

By decision of the Academic Council of the Institute Department referred to as "Agricultural and Livestock machinery" and from 1991 to 2000 it was headed by Associate Professor AM, gills, and from 2001 to 2004, associate professor A.T.Musurmonov. In September 2004, the department of "Maintenance and repair of machines and tractors" and the department "Agricultural and livestock Machines" were merged and headed the Department Ph.D., B.U.Nurmihamedov. From 2005 to the present Head of the Department Associate Professor Z.A.Abduganiev.

Currently, the department has a professor A.R.Tuhtakuziev, I.T.Ergashev, Ph.D., (R.F), Associate Professor Sh.Suvankulov, associate O.Shavazov, H.Norbaev, AT Musurmon, A.Zh.Zhahangirov, B.U.Nurmihamedov, senior teachers A.Ortikov, T.A.Hayitov assistants Sh.Sh.Mirzahadzhaev, H.K.Pardaev, S.I.Hoshimov. Z.Haitov, A.Benazarov, A.Rabbimov, F.Toshkulov, educational master Usmanov, M.U.Negmatov, H.Shodiev, Head. Cabinet H.Tursunova, senior laboratory technician and U.Ahmedova P.Hamraeva, Head U.Mamadaliev pavilion, a senior fellow researchers M.K.Ahmedov, B.R.Toshtemirov, A.A.Mamasov.
At the department over the past five years have done much to improve the educational and methodical, scientific and research activities. In particular, the staff of the Department written and published two textbooks, one electronic textbook, three monographs, three manuals, more than twenty guidelines. At the department for 18 subjects developed educational-methodical complexes of the new generation.

In order to strengthen the material and technical base of the department for training and testing ground avtotraktorodrom Institute built, operates a computer lab, developed and implemented in the educational process three laboratory setting. All qualifying practice held in the advanced economies, the ICC and the joint venture "UZKEYS service" and other enterprises.

At the department, there is educational and experimental test site, which has 19.8 hectares. At this range, students acquire the skills to manage tractors and agricultural machinery. Avtotraktodrom includes check-in gate, bearing down movement of the bridge and at the crossroads and on a level road, and others. Head A.Usmanov ground.

The Department established a driving school that teaches students driving a car "B" category. Directs the driving school assistant S.I.Hoshimov.

On the range for driving tractors and agricultural machinery built the path of the gate, bridge crossings, etc., That is, all the necessary elements for driving tractors and CCM. Currently, the department operates "Traktoroshkola" and directs her senior teacher T.A.Hayitov. According to the results, students receive a certificate "tractor drivers", the corresponding category.

Material and technical base. The total area of the department is 775 m2. All training and support facilities are located in the educational building of the Faculty of Agriculture Mechanization and processing. Students enrolled in the direction of education agronomy, agricultural chemistry and soil science, vocational education (agronomy), farm management study subject "mechanization of agricultural production."

All classrooms and laboratories are located in the educational building of the faculty. On the first floor there are the following audiences and educational laboratories: №500- training machine-park, №501,503- laboratory for the study of the tractor and car №502A- office head of the department, №502B- laborantskaya, №502V- room training masters, №504- Laboratory for agricultural machinery, №505- room school tractor, №507-laboratory hydraulics and hydraulic machines, №508- laboratory for electric drive and automation, №509-laboratory for electrical engineering and electronics, №510,514-teaching, №511- room for performing course projects, and final qualifying works, №512-Thermal Engineering Laboratory, №513-laboratory for mechanization of animal husbandry and food processing. On the second floor there is a lecture hall №518 and №521 room for training masters.

In the basement of educational building located №528 and №532 ICC lab laboratory for reliability and repair machines. Besides them separately in another case there are 2 audience traffic rules №505. Auditorium, located in the building of the Faculty of computers equipped with a new generation.

The audience is designed for 20-25 people in the audience and students use computers during coursework, final works, as well as in the performance of scientific issledovatelnyh works.

Spiritually - educational work.

Currently, employees of the department run by 3rd and 4th year of the Faculty. With students periodically held discussions on educational work, visiting the hostel, apartments, private houses. We study their living conditions, given appropriate advice. And also with the students periodically organized sports and other activities.

Conduct interviews to comply with the internal regulations of the Institute, attendance and academic performance, implementation of student and graduate work, and others. March 20, 2012 was organized by the festival "Nowruz", the birthday of Ulugbek March 23, 2012 at his memorial flowers were laid, 9 April 2012 events were held in honor of the birth A.Temur in honor of defenders of the homeland 01.14.2013 year organized a meeting with Colonel SVAAKU R.H.Kozimovym

February 9, 2012 in the central park of the city of Samarkand and at the Department of events were held on the occasion of the birthday of Alisher Navoi. March 3, 2012 a meeting was held with the parents of students 3 and 4 of the course "Parents Day".

Employees of the department periodically provide practical assistance to farmers on when sowing of cotton, cotton processing, watering, cleaning grain, in addition assisted farmers Pahtachinskogo district assembly of raw cotton.

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