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The chair of Zootechnics, genetics and breeding of animals

Shaptakov Erkin Suyunovich - Associate Professor, Head of the Department.

Department of Animal Breeding, Genetics and Breeding was organized in 2008 after the merger of departments of animal husbandry, genetics, breeding animals and vetakusherstva.

Former chair of "Private animal husbandry," was created in 1929 as part of UzSKHI and its organizers said Professor V.P.Chernogorov and K.V.Dal. In 1938 - 1953 years department was headed by Honored Scientist, Professor P.M.Pushkarёv, who improved the learning process by preparing a number of specialists and creating a new school of livestock. In 1953 -1954 years department was headed by Professor K.K.Sakovsky, and in 1954 -56 years - Professor A.K.Ermolaev.
Worked at the department in different years, scientists dedicated to the cause, such as Yermolaev AK, K.K.Sakovsky, associate professor M.A.Pern, D.I.Kosolapov, V.G.Shatsky. P.K.Trofimov, V.M.Shepetyuk, K.G.Gorshkova, P.M.Kulangiev, A.Z.Muhtarov, B.L.Lensky, I.H.Ismoilov. In 1953 -78 years department was headed by Professor N.O.Mavlyanov who has published a number of books and teaching aids for students. He created his own school of livestock, setting the number of young professionals are many candidates. At the Department during this period worked as an assistant - M.I.Biserova, Z.T.Turakulov, S.S.Salimbaev.
In 1969, from the Chair of the Department of Private animal husbandry separated poultry, spearheaded by senior lecturers and P.M.Kulangiev A.R.Sagamonov. Associate Professor at the Department: A.T.Stazharova, B.L.Lensky, O.Dzhumaniyazov, I.Ismoilov, M.G.Kandaurova, S.Mirzaev. Head of this department in 1978 -80 years N.I.Biserova associate professor in 1980 -89 years - Associate S.S.Salimbaev. Were active docents-A.Z.Muhtarov, I.Maksudov, D.Holmirzaev, A.Ruziev, B.A.Belenko, M.Yarbekov, M.Chutbaev, laboratory: Z.Allabergenova, L.Ismoilova.
In 1981, from the Chair of Private animal husbandry separated the subject of "animal husbandry and processing technology of livestock products", creating a new department of the same name. There was referred the subject of "dairy case" and "technology of production of farm animals" with the Department of Microbiology. The department was headed in the years 1981 -1988 Associate Professor I.M.Maksudov, and in the years 1989 -1998 Professor Z.T.Turakulov.
In 1998, was organized by the department of "Cattle and horse breeding", the head of which was the doctor of agricultural sciences D.Holmirzaev previously taught a course in "Equine". At that time, worked at the Department: Professor Z.T.Turakulov, associate A.Narzullaev, B.Rustamov, A.Abdurasulov assistants - A.Amirov, K.Uralov, O.Radzhabov, laboratory - S.Radzhabova, G.Sharipova . Chair of "Private animal husbandry," led from 1989 to 2004 Ilhom Maksudovich Maksudov. Over the years, her work - A.R.Sagomonov, D.Holmirzaev, A..Ruziev, B.Belenko, Yu.Ermatov, M.Yarbekov, Zh.Zhuraev, E.K.Chyryev and others. In September 2004, the Department of Livestock and Horse Breeding, Department of Private animal husbandry and the Department of Karakul merged into a single department, which was renamed the Department of "Zootechnics". Head of this department in 2005 - Associate ShaptakovS.E., And in 2006 an assistant, candidate of agricultural sciences B.Tugalov. With 2007po2012gg professor Kholmirzaev D. From 2012 to present - Head of Department, Associate Professor ES Shaptakov

In this department in the years worked - S.Yu.Yusupov Professor, Candidate of Social Sciences Dr. I.M.Maksudov, associate professors - S.E.Shaptakov, O.Inoyatov, M.Yarbekov, Zh.Zhuraev, Yu.Ermatov, S.Bozarov, the Acting Associate Professor S.Sattarov, B.Tugalov, senior lecturer Sh emirs, R.Ruzimuradov Assistant Sh.Kurbanov. At the Department of the museum of astrakhan, laboratory analysis of dairy and meat products as well as products derived from animal hair. In a short time produced several manuals and teaching materials. Department has trained a lot of masters in the direction: "5A620604 - horse and camel"; "5A620610 -Karakulevodstvo"; "5A620611 - Technology of growing, processing and preservation of animal products." This is great merit professors - D.Holmirzaeva and S.Yu.Yusupova. Former Department of Karakul, located in the department animal husbandry, was founded in 1932, and its first head was F.F.Epanchintsev. The department in 1932 -42 years P.V.Arapov led, in 1942 -1947 years - S.L.Popkov, and since 1947 - Professor A.A.Rahimov. In subsequent years, the department "Karakul" managed: docents - Sh.M.Rizaev, A.S.Lebedev, U.N.Ablakulov, S.M.Mamatov, A.I.Ismailov, V.H.Soliev, Br.e. .Shaptakov, S.Yu.Yusupov, A.I.Inoyatov. Helped to improve the activities of the department the following teachers: Yu.N.Nasyrov, A.K.Lebedev, U.B.Sadullaev, N.S.Badalbaev, Sh.M.Rizaev, T.M.Ahmedzhanov, Sh.A.Abdivahitov, B .T.Taganov, N.Belobrova, I.K.Hashimov, O.R.Radzhabov, A.I.Ismoilov, S.Shaptakov, A.A.Rahimov, O.Inoyatov, S.R.Bazarov, RH .Ruzimuradov, S.B.Sattarov, laboratory Z.Safarova, D.A.Biserova and others.

In 1965, the Department of smushkovedeniya and merchandising headed by Associate Professor Sh.M.Rizaev. Associate Professor at the Department: TM Akhmedzhanov, V.H.Soliev, senior teachers N.F.Belobrova, B.T.Taganov Assistant Ruzimuradov AD, the museum's director astrakhan H.Karimov. Former Department of breeding and genetics of farm animals was established July 1, 1934 and until 2004 was of this title. Its first head was Associate Professor S.L.Popkov, who headed it until 1942 and combined this position with the position of director of the institute. During the war, after the evacuation of our Institute, Moscow Agricultural Academy. KATimiryazev in 1942 -1943 years department was headed by an honorary academician D.A.Kislovsky after him - in 1943 -1944 years, the department was headed E.Ya.Borisenko, who came to the Institute together with the academy. In late 1944, after the departure of the Moscow Agricultural Academy in Moscow in 1945 -1948 years the department took charge of the senior teacher I.L.Movshovich. From 1949 until 1954 he headed the department assistant professor S.F.Maman. From 1954 until 1980 the department headed by Professor S.Z.Dzhalilov. At the department at various times worked leading scientists and researchers. This academician of the Tajik Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Academician GA Aliev, teachers H.Abdurazzakov, A.Z.Mansurov, Yu.Ya..Nasyrov, Z.T.Turakulov, R.Yu.Omirova, L.A.Lomashёva, G .I..Bushueva, M.Hamidov, I.I.Golubkin, F.Fathutdinova, S.A.Kaluzhin, S.M.Hamidzhanov, I.I.Yakubov, laboratory Aliyeva, S.Hamidova and others. This chair in 1980 - 1996 years was headed by Professor P.S.Sabirov, from 1996 to 1998 - Professor Kakhkharov AK, and in 1998 -2004 years - Associate Dustkulov SD
In late 2004, after the merger of the veterinary, zootechnical and Astrakhan-faculty into a single faculty in the Department of Animal Breeding, Genetics and Breeding was added to the course "Veterinary Obstetrics and artificial insemination of animals", which was taught at the Department of Obstetrics and pharmacology. The department was called "Department of Genetics, breeding animals and vetakusherstva" and her head was in the years 2004 -2008. Associate Professor DustkulovS. D. She is currently working -P.S.Sabirov professor, associate professors A.K.Kahharov - A.Sh.Shermatov Assistant M.Norbaeva, senior laboratory Sh.Nabiev. In September 2008, this department of the subject "Vetakusherstvo and artificial insemination of animals" was transferred to the department of "Animal diseases and parasitology", and the department was attached to the Department of Animal Science and became known as the "Department of Animal Breeding, Genetics and Breeding." Her head is Associate Professor E.S.Shaptakov. Currently, the department has a professor P.S.Sobirov, A.K.Kahharov, D.Holmirzaev, associate professors - A.Sh.Shermatov, Yu.Ermatov, Zh.Dzhuraev, W Amir senior predpodavatel B.Tugalov assistants M .Norbaeva, A.Hushvaktov, M. Ismailov, Sh.Kurbanova, Zh.Isaev, O.Mahmadiyarov senior lab: Sh.Nabiev, S.Yusupova, M.Kurbanova.


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