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The chair of the Uzbek language and foreign languages

Sobirov Solijon Sobirovich - Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor, Head of Department

Department of Uzbek and foreign languages is one of the most exemplary and illustrative departments of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Science, and was organized in 1929. Initially, the department was created as a part of general subjects, and in 1948 became independent of the department with the new name "Department of Languages".

October 21, 1989 the Uzbek language received the status of the state language, and our republic since 1991, became an independent state, in this regard, in 1993 - 2000 "Department of Languages" was divided into two separate departments: Department of Uzbek language and literature and Russian language department and foreign languages.

In 2000, the decision of the Academic Council of the Institute, these two departments were again united under the name "Department of the Uzbek language and foreign languages"

Until 1975, the Department directed the senior lecturer Ibragimova RS, until 1981 - Associate Professor Tursunov RU, until 1986 senior lecturer Azatyan AV, until 1998 - Doctor of Philology Khachaturova LA, in 1999 - 2000 years - Associate Sobirov SS, until 2004 - Associate Professor Usmanov UU, until 2011 - Associate Akhmedov AA, and from February 2011 to the present Associate Professor Sobirov Solijon Sobirovich.

The department has 26 teachers, including 2 candidates of sciences,
4 senior teachers and 20 teachers. By train items are on faculty methodical section 3 -sektsiya by Uzbek and Russian (head -Holbaeva DD), a section of the English language (head -Salahutdinova FT) and a section of the German language.
(Head -Mirsanov B.). The activities of these sections is held in its approved annual work plans.
In the section of Russian language teachers work such as the candidate of philological sciences, associate Sobirov SS, Akhmedov AA, Senior Lecturer Holbaeva DD, teachers - Tolibov GH, Gafurova ST, T pygidium .With. and Abdusalomov ME

In the section of the English language are operations such teachers as, a Senior Lecturer Salakhutdinova FT, teachers - Z.O.Holmirzaeva, N.D.Fayzullaeva, M.U.Tursunova, O.B.Sadykov, D.A.Yunusova , N.N.Ochilova, B.R.Rafieva, F.Davronova, O.Butaeva, F.Sattarova and G.Hasanova.

In the section of the German language teachers are working as a senior lecturer O. Rakhimov, a senior lecturer Mirsanov BM, teachers - Tagaeva ZS, Murtazaev AA, Faizullaev FW, Gapparov AK Riza H. and A. Turaev

Teachers of the department cooperate with many national and foreign universities, including Humboldt Hohenhaymskim and German universities, with the Moscow State University named after MV University (MSU), with the Timiryazev Agricultural Academy, with the Goethe Institute in Tashkent and with the Institute of DAAD.

Under the program logo and the directions of the international Master's and undergraduate members of the department and many of our students are in close collaboration with students in Germany, Malaysia, England, Holland, Russia and others.

Great merit in this field associate professor Sobirov SS, teachers Salakhutdinova FT, Mirsanova B. Holbaevoy DD

At the same time, the Department is working with the departments of leading universities of our country such as- National University named after M. Ulugbek, Samarkand State University named after Alisher Navoi, Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages, the Tashkent Road Institute, Tashkent Pedagogical University named after Nizami, the Tashkent University of Information technology, Samarkand Architecture and Civil Engineering Institute, Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service, and with other universities.

C 1995 Department of Uzbek and foreign languages cooperates with German program LOGO (East-European ecological balance). Great contribution to the training abroad Listed teachers of the department. About 70 students were trained and had practice in their specialties in advanced German farms.

Teachers of the department and the Uzbek Foreign Languages trained 50 students in 2009 - 20 students, and in 2010-2011godah 30studentov to be sent to Russia under the program of cooperation with the Chelyabinsk Agroengineering University. Students passed and share their experience in advanced farms Chelyabinsk.

Guided by the speech of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov at the extraordinary session of People's Deputies of the Samarkand region of 17 December 2010 on the in-depth study of English in higher and secondary specialized institutions and decision-making of the Scientific Council of the Samarkand agricultural institute "On the in-depth study and teaching of foreign languages, foreign language teachers of the department took the initiative to take additional English classes with students. They are held on schedule from December 12, 2011.

Department of Uzbek and foreign languages is committed to train highly skilled specialists, perfectly knowing a foreign language.

1.Kafedra conducts workshops in Russian, English, German and Uzbek languages in all faculties of the institute.

In recent years, improved in quality and quantity of research and scientific-methodical work of the members of the department. They prepared and published about 100 scientific articles, textbooks and teaching materials.

Currently, teachers of the department, guided speech IA Karimov on educating the younger generation, making a worthy contribution to the training of youth institute.

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