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The chair of the Uzbek language and foreign languages

The chair of the Uzbek and foreign languages
Sobirov Solijon Sobirovich
Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor, Head of the Department

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Department of Uzbek and foreign languages is one of the most exemplary and illustrative departments of the Faculty of Zooengineering and Karakul sheep breeding. It was organized in 1929. Initially, the department was created as a part of general subjects, and in 1948 became independent of the department with the new name "Department of Languages".

October 21, 1989 the Uzbek language received the status of the state language, and our Republic since 1991, became an independent state, in this regard, in 1993 - 2000 "Department of Languages" was divided into two separate departments: Department of Uzbek language and literature, and Department of Russian language and Foreign languages.

In 2000, due to the decision of the Scientific Council of the Institute, these two departments were again united under the name "Department of the Uzbek language and Foreign languages".

Until 1975, the Department directed the senior teacher Ibragimova R.S, until 1981 - Associate Professor Tursunov R.U, until 1986 Associate Professor Azatyan A.V, until 1998 - Doctor of Philology Khachaturova L.A, in 1999 - 2000 years - Associate Professor Sobirov S.S, until 2004 - Associate Professor Usmanov U.U, until 2011 - Associate Professor Akhmedov A.A, and from February 2011 to the present Associate Professor Sobirov Solijon Sobirovich.

The department consists of 36 teachers, including 1 candidate of sciences,
3 senior teachers and 33 teachers. There are 3 methodical sections on teaching subjects - methodical section of Uzbek and Russian (Methodical section head - Holbaeva D. D), methodical sectionof the English and methodical section of the German languages(Methodical section head - Mirsanov B.).

The activities of these sections are held in its approved annual work plans. In the section of Russian language teachers work such as the candidate of philological sciences, Associate Professor Sobirov S.S, senior teacher Holbaeva D.D, teachers –Haydarova.I.A, Ulliyeva.S.H, Gafurova S.T, AbdusalomovaM.E and Djamaliddinova.Sh

In the section of the English language works such teachers as: Z.O.Holmirzaeva, N.D.Fayzullaeva, O.M Isakov, M.U.Tursunova, O.B.Sadykov, D.A.Yunusova ,F.SH Namozova,D.E Rahimova, N.N.Ochilova, H.M Fayziyev, B.R.Rafieva, F.P.Davronova, G.Hasanova, D.Nosirova, F.Ahmedjanova, A.Tursunov and Yu.Ismatova.

In the section of the German language teachers are working as a senior teachers-Mirsanov B.M. and Tagaeva Z.S, teachers Murtazaev A.A, Fayzullaev F.U, Gapparov A.K,Nizomov.G.M,Saidmurodov B.

Yahyoqulova Nigora is teaching French in the department. Teachers of the department cooperate with many national and foreign universities, including Humboldt Hohenheim and German universities, with the Moscow State University named after MV University (MSU), with the Timiryazev Agricultural Academy, with the Goethe Institute in Tashkent .

Under the programs and the directions of the international Master's and undergraduate members of the department many of our students are in close collaboration with students in Germany, Malaysia, England, Holland, Russia and others.

Great merit in this field associate professor Sobirov SS, senior teachers Mirsanov B.M, Tagaeva. Z.S and Holbaeva D.D, teachers Rafiyeva.B.R and Yunusova.D.A.

At the same time, the Department is working with the departments of leading universities of our country such as- National University named after M. Ulugbek, Samarkand State University, Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages, the Tashkent Road Institute, Tashkent Pedagogical University named after Nizami, the Tashkent University of Information technology, Samarkand Architecture and Construction Institute, Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service, and with other universities.

From 1995, Department of Uzbek and foreign languages cooperates with German Federation Republic under the different programs. Great contribution had been done by the teachers of the department under the training abroad. About 100 students were trained and had practice in their specialties in advanced German farms.

Teachers of the department of Uzbek and Foreign Languages prepared students for practical training to Russia under the program of cooperation with the Chelyabinsk Agro engineering University. Students passed and share their experience in advanced farms of Chelyabinsk.

The department is conducting practical lessons on russian, english, german, french and uzbek languages in all faculties of the Institute.

Nowadays, teachers of our department by the guidance of our first president I.A Karimov and current president Sh. M. Mirziyoyev due to the education of the young generation are making their important contribution to obtain the good knowledge necessary for agricultural specialists.

Indicators of educational-methodological activities

The department is fully equipped with normative and legal documents. On the basis of state standards of education training work programs have been prepared and discussed at the methodological councils of the faculty at the Scientific Council of Samarkand Agricultural Institute. In recent years, the volume of educational, scientific, methodological, research, organizational, methodological and educational work of teachers of the department has been approved by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education. All the documentation of the department meets the requirements. Educational teaching-methodological research and educational work of teachers are placed in 22 folders.

On the department there are educational methodological complexes of electronic modules for all languages: (foreign, Russian and Uzbek) that are created on the basis of state standards.

They include the following educational standard programs: educational program, educational working program, glossary, foreign sources, presentation, additional educational, scientific material for learning subjects such as: video, case study and other. Normative legal documentation on practical training has been prepared. There are also electronical version of all subjects. Proceedings of open classes of teachers are announced on the website of the Institute. At present time the department is equipped to 80% with educational literatures on subjects. Such as Sobirov S.S., Holbayeva.D.D, Tolibova G.H “Methodical manual on Russian language”Axmedov.A.A, Rahimova.O.A «Deutsch» (Methodical manual on German language for the students of bachelor degree)Raximova O.A, Tagaeva.Z.S, Fayzullaev.F.U «Deutsch» a textbook as well as, methodological developments in the same Samarkand Agricultural Institute for bachelor degree.By the Assosiate Professor SobirovS.S., and senior teacher Holbayeva D.D have been prepared publication “Russian language” for non-philological institutions.

For the active use of multimedia and electronic textbooks the Institute’s management has allocated a multimedia projector for the department and 80 computers for 6 lingua phone rooms that are used in classrooms.

On the initiative of the head of the department, there is progress journal on the receipt of current monitoring from not well active learning students in the department. Points,that students receive during the current monitoring are indicated in the journals at the appointed time - after conducting a certain number of pairs.
The Registers for the receipt of final control are filled correctly and correspond to the displayed points in the final papers, of which all students are notified in advance.
The "Point show table" is organized in the department for all subjects. Particular importance is attached here to conducting classes in the new language lingua phone with the use of new pedagogical and information technologies.
At the department more than 100 talented students are being taught intensively. There is a plan for teaching them. These students actively take part with their scientific reports at conferences. In 2014-2017, more than 10 scientific articles were published by intellect students with which they made presentations at scientific and practical conferences. There are three circles for profound study of languages: (english, german, russian). The English teachers of the department twice a week conduct English classes for the professor-teachers staff of the Institute.

Cooperation with academic lyceums.

A great deal of attention paid to the learning of foreign languages between the youth. According to this, today great contribution has been done with academic lyceums №1and №2 by Samarkand Agricultural Institute. Comprehensive collections of research papers are being published, branch departments have been created, effective interactive methods of teaching are being put into practice. By the leadership of Lyceum No. 2,made plans for joint scientific and practical work, a schedule for rendering methodological assistance to Lyceum No. 2 for conduct classes, in the design of classrooms with educational and teaching materials.

Indicators of research activities.

For the further prosperous plans of the department, scientific activities is conducted in two directions: scientific research and problem so effective learning languages. “Problems of the effectiveness of learning languages”, solution of this problem will help to solve: firstly, to study thoroughly the state language, to show the results of scientific research, to solve the study of grammatical features of the language, and secondly, to interest the professor-teachers staff in the actual choice of the subject of the research work being carried out, and the defense of the doctoral dissertation.

Indicators of spiritual enlightenment work

Guided by the speech of the First President of the Republic of Uzbekistan I.A Karimov at the extraordinary session of the Public's Deputies of the Samarkand region on December 10, 2012 "On in-depth study of the Foreign language in higher and secondary special educational institutions" and in the decision of the Scientific Council of Samarkand Agricultural Institute on in-depth studying and teaching of foreign languages.

The department of Uzbek and foreign languages ​​considers its duty to train highly qualified specialists who perfectly knows the foreign language.
The department manages the students of the 2nd year of the faculty of zoo engineering and karakul sheep-breeding. On the course and in each group there is a calendar plan and a plan for working with the group, on its basis each week group curators conduct meetings and draft papers.
Groups hold weekly conversations on "The Year of Dialogue with the People and Human Interest", “The year of mother and healthy child” and different anniversary dates.
According to the plan, students with the head of the group visit ancient monuments, historical museums; tourist sites of the city and its environs, there are photo albums about these excursions.
Each head of the group conducts educational work with students. They have debates about attending classes, studying, how to behave in public places, about dressing skills, and also about fighting against national extremism, terrorism, missionary work, delinquency, drug addiction, AIDS, etc.

The staff of the department is mainly considered female and the largest department in the Institute. The age of the professor-teachers staff is now 37 years. Today, the department can solve any problems posed by the leadership of the Institute and also by the government of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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