Samarkand agricultural institute was established in 1929. The institute is one of Central Asia's largest institution of higher education in the field of agriculture.More

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The chair of Human Sciences

Aberkulov DN - Candidate of Historical Sciences, head of the department.

In Samarkand Institute of Agriculture Department was established in 2004, operates since 1929 was the first rector of the Doctor of Philosophy, Professor VV McAvoy, who read to students lectures on philosophy. Along with its main office VV McAvoy and headed the Department of Philosophy. Later led training philosophy vice president of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan I.M.Muminov, AD Rodshild, AK Mozitov.

At this time the department was called "Socio-economic sciences" In 1965, the department was renamed the Department of "Philosophy".

Smaller years headed the department of philosophy MM Akhmedov. In the 80 years of the twentieth century was the chair of the three that had its name: "Philosophy and scientific communism", "Social Sciences", "Philosophy and Political Science."

In 1987, the activities of the three socio-political departments combine one which carry the name of the table of the Department "Social Sciences".

Third Department politechisko-economically and history of the party was also his activity, headed by different times Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor A.Abdusattorov also worked at the department PhD in history docents N.I.Isaev, S.S.Sobirov, PN Shmatko A.R.Ruzimurodov, I.Zhumanov, N.Ahmedov, S.Yahёevy takes.

The department is actively involved social and political life of the Institute.

In 1996, at the Department of "Social Sciences" opens two departments, "Theory of Economics and History of Uzbekistan", "Philosophy and Political Science."

Less than a year in this department worked well-known scientists in our country, such as I.M.Muminov, A.M.Aminov, A.G.Svetlichni, A.Usmonov, S.Ahtamov, S.A.Sodikon, N.Naimov, Sh.Suloymnonv, A.D.Rodshild, O.Y.Kodirkulov, M.Mallaev, A.G.Goipov, K.Ya.Yarboboev, K.H.Sidikov, R.Mamadiev, Y.Hozhiev, T.Saidkulov.

Department "Theory of economics and history of Uzbekistan" until 1997 headed the candidate of economic sciences associate professor T.Naitov. Over the years this department is headed S.Nazarov, H.Normurodov, O.Turgunboev. "Department of Philosophy and Law" until 1997 headed kandidat philosophical sciences T.Sattorov. In the following year, this department was headed by Doctor of Political noku Zh.Bahronov candidate philosophical sciences associate professor A.Gaydullaev, PhD T.Zhabbarov.

In October 2004, the two departments "Philosophy and Law" and "Theory of Economics and History of Uzbekistan" emasculated one and was named chair of "Humanities".

Head of the department began in 2004 until 2012, he held the candidate philosophical sciences L. jamol. At present, the department is headed by candidate of historical sciences D.N.Aberkulov.

To date, the department has nine candidates, five associate professors, 3 senior teachers and 14 teachers.

At the Department of laborantnaya 1, 1 library, an office for independent work of students, 10 faculty offices, classrooms and 9 1 large audience. Classroom Facilities consecrated electronic resources, 2 computers laptop 1 1 1 printer projector.

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