Samarkand agricultural institute was established in 1929. The institute is one of Central Asia's largest institution of higher education in the field of agriculture.More

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The chair of fruit and vegetable growing

The department was organized in 1932, the first head of the department was professor N.S.Lesov. For many years the department led by Professor L.N.Gorev, associate V.V.Nazarkin, M.G.Tseytlin, L.T.Toshmatov, S.B.Bekmuradov Professor R.O.Oripov, associate professor T.S.Musaev, Professor D.T.Abdukarimov.

From 1994 to 2005 department was headed by a young professor T.E.Ostonakulov. In 2004, there was an association with the chair of the Department of Botany and Plant Physiology. In 2006-2011 GG Associate Professor of the Department led S.H.Narzieva and 2011-2012, E.I.Hamdamova. Since 2013, the department headed by Associate Professor M.M.Komilova.

Currently, the department employs 2 doctors of sciences, professora- T.E.Ostonakulov and I.H.Hamdamov, 8 associate professors: S.H.Narzieva, K.R.Ravshanov, A.U.Umurzakov, B. H.Holmirzaev, N.D.Hadzhaeva, S.B.Mustanov, E.I.Hamdamova, S.T.Sanaev, 9 assistants: G.A.Suvonova, H.H.Honkulov, M.M.Dzhumaev K .H.Zhurakulov, B.Mamatov, H.Ismatullaev, M.Begmatova, H.Norbekov, A.Nurniёzov Head of Cabinet and senior laboratory Z.Zh.Hasanova Z.A.Tozhiboeva. In addition to the department are trained 2-trainee applicant researcher Sh.B.Abdullaeva and M.Narzullaeva.


The material and technical base of the chair.

The department has seven classrooms, 7 rooms of the teaching staff, 1 bathroom and 1 laborantskaya computer class.

On the composition and the material base of the chair should note the following. In accordance with the requirements of today's training of qualified personnel is working to improve the quality of teaching staff, equipment, individual classrooms to undergo major majors, placing in each room no more than three teachers. Considered relevant at the moment laboratory equipment rooms where classes technical facilities and equipment. For the department in 2012-2013 purchased one computer, one printer and two electronic microscope for quality passing labs.

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