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The chair of agro-chemistry, soil-science and plant protection

Department of Agro chemistry, Soil Science and Plant Protection was established in 1991. Prior to that, from 1929 to 1991, the department "Soil" and "Plant Protection" was an independent chair. In 1948, the Department of Agricultural Chemistry was separated from the Department of Soil Science. At the Department of Soil Science chiefs worked: A.P.Zaikanov professor (1929-1938), Professor D.M. Kuguchkov (1938-1970), Professor P.U. Uzakov (1970-1978), from 1978 to 1991, Professor X. Khamdamov etc.

At the Department of Plant Protection heads: from 1929 to 1936 Professor Siyazov MM, with a 1936- to 1962 - Professor Kosobutsky MI, with a 1962- to 1964 - Associate Sosnina MA, in 1964 - 1969 Associate Professor VA Lebedev, in the years 1969- 1974 - Associate S.B. Bekmuradov, in the years 1976 -1985 Professor R.A. Aripov. During these years, the Department of plant protection, too, became part of the Department of Agricultural Chemistry.

Head of Department of Agricultural Chemistry: from 1948 to 1970 by Professor EI Stolypin, with 1970 to 1980 - Associate Professor Suleymanov IS from 1980 to 1984god associate professor Mester, MI In 1984 - 1991 the Department of Soil Science and Plant Protection joined and formed the Department of Agricultural Chemistry, Soil Science and Plant Protection. In this department until 2012. Worked as head professor Khashimov F.H. at present, the Head of the Department Associate Professor Mahmatmurodov A.U. During the Great Patriotic War at the Department of Agricultural Chemistry worked academician D.N. Pryanishnikov.

The main research of the department devoted to the study of carbonate and magnesium soil salinity and alternately Planted at these gypsum soils major crops: cotton, wheat, corn, beans, rice, tobacco, potatoes, grapes; Study of improving the efficiency and the associated impact of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers on infected soil erosion, as well as intensive agriculture and the impact of anthropogenic factors on soil Zarafshan Valley, we also study the balance of microbiological activity of humus.

Examined measures to protect plants against spider mites, mildew, and other harmful insects that live on the leaves of tobacco.

Currently, the department has 3 professors, 5 associate professors, 2 senior teachers and 16 assistants.

Over 5 years, employees of the department written 184 stati, made teaching and methodological developments, including, produced a manual in electronic form and wrote 3 books. By 2013, the Department has prepared - 8 doctors, 65 candidates of sciences. The department has a master's degree and doctorate.

Material and technical base

The department has 10 teaching laboratories and classrooms, three science labs, 10 classrooms. At the department has a central research laboratory and biolaboratoriya Institute. In the cathedral, there are laboratories 8FEK, two flame photometry, sanarimetr and spectrophotometer, rNmetr, Keldala apparatus, Soxhlet and all the necessary equipment.

Educational and methodical work

Every year in the department for 70 subjects produced educational and methodological developments, work programs, guidelines, lecture, laboratory development, training manuals and tutorials. Over 2007-2012godov published more than 200 educational - methodical works.

Research work

QXA 7-065 - Methods to improve crop yields by improving the quality of microbiological status of soils (2009-2013). (30m. Sums).

KXI-8 -Technology composting of industrial waste and increasing crop yields due to the new composting technology and the introduction of it into production. (2008-2011.) (18 mln. UZS)


Topics of economic contracts with enterprises

"The study of agrochemical condition of soils at UzBAT-e" (2010-2013 yy.) 14 million. Sums). "Preparing researchers and technicians for the farm "Siёb-Shaukat-Orzu".


Help production

Teachers of the department have a production aid in improving the skills of workers farms Samarkand, Kashkadarya, Surkhandarya, Bukhara and Jizzakh regions in workshops and consultations. For them, created 12 special departments, more than 20 practical guides, each year in the press published more than 10 articles and speeches on television. In UzBAT are trained farmers and on this basis, recommendations are made. Enhance the skills of specialists of the department of agricultural chemistry and plant protection.

Cooperation of the Department

Currently, the department is working with the Russian Agricultural Academy of Microbiology, ITI, with the Moscow State Institute of Genetics, with the Uzbek Academy of Sciences, with the Andijan agriculturalinstitution with MSU, with Karshi Agrarian Institute, with ATD Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, with UZPITI and 12th offices, accountancy, SSU, with ITI Plant Protection and Tashkent State Agrarian University.

Spiritual and educational work

Carried out in the following areas:

1. Mentor-student system.

2. Measures and meetings held in the hostel.

3. Courses of activities mentors.

4.Measures conducted at the institute, associated with anniversaries.

5. Active participation in the spiritual and educational work of the Institute.


Long-term plans of the Department

1. Preparation of a textbook for senior undergraduate in the state language.

2. Establishing of doctorate in Agricultural Chemistry

3. Mutually, a scientific journal conduct methodological work on the development of agriculture in Uzbekistan.

4. On long-term plan for the department 2012-2015g. - Scientific conferences

5. Holding research work because of grants and agreements with farmers.

6. Working with gifted students.

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