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The department of spirituality and enlightenment

Khaydarov Obid Erkinovich

Head of “Spiritual and educational work” department

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Methodists: Sahobiddin Nurbaev, Vohid Ismailov, Tuhtamurod Mamatov

Chairman of the Women's Committee - Jamila Sayfiddinovna 
Chairman of the Board of team leaders - E. Ismoilov. 
Chairman of the Board of Stewards - Anvar Shamsiev.

Leader of the public youth movement "Kamolot" - Tuhtamurod Mamatov

Objectives of spirituality and enlightenment work:

- Educate students courageous and selfless, devoted to the ideas of independence instill in them a love for the motherland.

- Given the spiritual and educational environment, mood, desire and efforts of students, their traditions and support the initiative and create conditions for them, provide.
- Harmony of the work on the promotion of education in form and content, its regularity (constancy), based on the ideas of justice, conduct interviews, debates, seminars and conferences through active participation in the media, guided by converting the program into daily activities, bring to the attention of students in implementing life political, economic, ideological reform and explain the essence of decrees and laws adopted by the government.

- Create the conditions for learning the philosophy of humanism of Islam, as well as be able to enjoy the legacy of our great thinkers.

- Instill in students a sense of pride in the rich history of the Uzbek people, scientific, philosophical, cultural and moral heritage of the idea of independence.

- Form students and self-conscious attitude to the processes of the world economy and the state, achieving a sense of excellence and patriotism.
- Provide public oversight for broad dissemination and implementation of the main objectives of the national program training, national relationship program with each student, with the fate of the seven, with the future.
- To instill in students a sense of national pride by progress of present and future success in domestic and foreign policy of Uzbekistan.

- For spiritual and educational atmosphere in the institute is working with students of the Institute to educate them bold and courageous, loyal native homeland, ideas of national independence, love for a free and prosperous homeland.
- Take into account the sentiments, aspirations and desires of students; provide them with all the conditions for the maintenance of positive initiatives.

- Conduct a harmonious work on education advocacy, to inform students of political, economic and social reforms, explaining the essence of issues decrees, laws and regulations made by the Government.
- Conduct interviews, discussions, seminars, conferences with students and publicize them in the media.

- Create the conditions for learning humanistic philosophy of Islam and the rich spiritual and cultural heritage of our ancestors, the great thinkers.

- Instill in students a sense of pride for the role of the idea of national independence in the public life of the rich history of the Uzbek people, the great contribution of our ancestors in the development of philosophy, culture, morality, and human civilization.

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