Sports - recreation activities

Recreational - sports activities in Samarkand Agricultural Institute.

In Samarkand Agricultural Institute created all conditions for recreational and sports activities. 
There are two gyms: 
1. large game room 
2. Hall Fight 
There is a large sport Athletics Arena, with treadmills and a soccer field. 
Large room is equipped with changing rooms and showers. Based on the institute of sports are sport clubs, in the following sports:

1. Handball (men, women)

2. Volleyball (men, women)

3. Football

4. Kurash

5. Table Tennis

6. Chess

7. Basketball

8. Recreational - sports section for teachers

Our students are actively involved in local, regional, national and international competitions. 
Sadiev Fozil student of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Science of Karakul in 2010 April 6-9, participated in Karshi in the competition among young people to combat judo in the weight category of 60 kg and took 1st place. In the same year, he participated in Thailand Asian Wrestling Championship Judo and took 3rd place. After these events got a ticket to participate in the World Cup against judo in Africa, among the youth teams. 
Khazratkulov Akmal student Agronomy Department in 2009 participated in the championship of the republic kurash and took 1st place. In 2010-2011, he took part in the Cup of Uzbekistan to combat judo 
Esono Beaubourg student of agricultural mechanization and production in 2009 took part in the Cup of Uzbekistan Kurash and took 3rd place. In 2010-2011 he took part in the Cup of Uzbekistan to combat judo
Shamiev Akmal, Ruzikulov Ganisher, Ruzimurodov Mamur regularly participate in regional and national competitions to combat judo and occupy leading positions. 
Student Faculty of Agronomy Nodirov Elyor and student of the mechanization of agriculture and production of Hazrat Otabek participated in 2010 in the regional cup football, won first place and received the cup. 
Team Samarkand Agricultural Institute took part in the second stage the Games in 2010 among the universities of the city of Samarkand and took third place overall. Best athletes included in the team of the city of Samarkand, as part of which they played in the zonal competitions "Universiada 2010" in football, handball, athletics, to combat judo. 
In December 2011, the students of our Institute of Agronomic Faculty Khudoiberdiev Suhrob and Rakhmanov Fahrior took part in the Cup of Uzbekistan Kurash and took 2nd place team. 
Student of the Faculty of Agricultural Mechanization and production Ibrokhim Saidrushon Ravan Komil participated on 5-12 December in Tashkent in international competitions to fight Muay Thai and took 2nd place.

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