Samarkand agricultural institute was established in 1929. The institute is one of Central Asia's largest institution of higher education in the field of agriculture.More

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The centre of scientific and practical researches

Khushvaktov Abduvali Amirovich 
Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Head of Department


The main objectives of the center are organization of scientific and practical research, implementation of research results in the learning process and production, participation in national and international grants, improving the quality and capacity of scientific and research work at the Institute, the organization of marketing services based on the results of scientific and research work. 
Center performs the following tasks: 
- Increase scientific and pedagogical potential of the institution to the world standards; 
- successful participation in basic, applied, innovative competitions; 
- drafting of commercial contracts; 
- Implementation of research results into production; 
- scientific community with foreign organizations, leading foreign universities, institutions of higher education and research institutions of the republic; 
- Organization and coordination of scientific research in the Institute; 
- Organization and holding of scientific conferences. 
During the years of independence of scientists of the Institute issued 180 monographs, 108 textbooks, 1026 manuals, received 126 patents, 36 copyright certificates, participated in scientific conferences 8245 works, among them: in international conferences - 1188 national conferences - in 1386, the institute's conferences - 5671 . In particular, over the past 5 years significantly increased the potential of science and research. About 40 works of scientists of the Institute put into production. 
Currently, the Institute carries out work on state grants worth more than $ 485 million. Sum, contractual works - 5 million. Sum. Each employee has an average of 1 million. 681 thousand. UZS perform scientific research. 
Currently established mutual Commonwealth in the field of science and teaching institution with Hangsus (PRC), Vaynshtefanskim University (Germany), Moscow University, the program MASKHDV-CINADCO (Israel), organization ZHISA (Japan), Faculty Ehchange Programs (USA), Sofia year School of Economics (Bulgaria), NIS Drianovo, Plovdiv Agrarian University, the center of Tempus, the University of Wageningen (Netherlands), University of Dalaba (Guinea), St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Shanghai Jiaotong University (China), the University of Ohio (USA), the University of Bahr (ARE ) and others. 
In the transition to a market economy defined progressive trends in agriculture, which conducted research. 
In agronomy development of new technologies of cultivation of agricultural crops, amelioration of soil, improving its fertility, breeding maturing to meet production requirements, high-grade, highly resistant against pests, diseases, environmental factors of plant varieties. 
In veterinary medicine, animal husbandry and karakul - study opportunities to improve animal productivity, product quality, disease prevention and treatment. 
In the mechanization of agriculture - creating a smooth front plow for tillage, mechanization of technological processes in karakul, spectral analysis for toxic substances in food, the establishment of inter-row machines for horticulture and viticulture, the development of drip irrigation technology. 
In the agricultural economy - improve methods of accounting and reporting in the organization of the agricultural sector, the decision of the financial and credit problems, increase the economic efficiency of agriculture southern regions, economic and mathematical methods in solving problems in the areas of agriculture. 
Activities of the Institute in the preparation of trainees and researchers and senior researchers. 
Currently, the institute is training interns and researchers on 13 areas of scientific and scientific-pedagogical activity 
03.00.13, Human and Animal Physiology 
05.20.01-mechanization of agriculture 
06.01.01-General agriculture 
06.01.05-Selection and seed 
06.02.04-Private animal husbandry, livestock production 
16.00.01-Diagnosis and therapy of animals 
16.00.02-oncology and morphology of animals 
16.00.04 Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology

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