Samarkand agricultural institute was established in 1929. The institute is one of Central Asia's largest institution of higher education in the field of agriculture.More

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Board of Trustees

Meetings of the Board of Trustees


1.    Kilichev Toshburi Rahimovich-The chairmen of collective farm “Uzbekistan”of Samarkand province Nurobod   region. The head of meeting.

2.    Ostonakulov Toshtemir Eshimovich-Rector of Samarkand Agricultural institute. Vice chairman.

3.    Jurayev Abdimumin Sunnatovich-Hakim of Samarkand province Pastdargom region.

4.    Namozov Siddik-The manager of “People’s Bank of  Uzbekistan” branch of Samarkand.

5.    Sulaymonov Tulkin Islomovich-The manager of Samarkand province.

6.    Ergashev Avaz-The chairmen of the farm “X. Nizamatov”.  Hero of Uzbekistan.

7.    Donayev Shomurod-Hakim of  Kashkadarya  province  Guzor  region.

8.    Mirzayev Toyir-The farmer of the farm “Hakikat” Jomboy region.

9.    Jurayev Husniddin-The head of the Agro-water industry of Samarkand province.

10.    Abdullayev Husan-The head of the Forest- farming industry of Samarkand province.

11.    Xudoyberdiyev Shunkor-The manager of “National Bank of Uzbekistan” branch of Samarkand.

12.    Kilichev Olloyor-The head of the Agro-department of Samarkand province.

13.    Sulaymanov Bahodir Sulaymanovich-The head engineer of “SamAuto” plant.

14.    Yuldashev Nurbek-The head of the veterinary of republic of Uzbekistan.

15.    Gulyamov Shayimardon-Hakim of  Payarik region.

16.    Rasulov Olim-The director of Zoo republic of Uzbekistan.

17.    Rahmatov Nosir-The head of the veterinary of  Buhoro region.

18.    Nurillayev Alisher-The head of the veterinary of  Samarkand province.

19.    Yuldashev Isomiddin-The head of the building work of Navoi city.

20.    Mamarahimov Tojimurad-Vice hokim of Surkhandaryo province.

21.    Alimardonov Olimjon-Hakim of  Kizirik  region.

22.    Usmanov Azim-The head of the seed culturing control of Koson region of Kashkadaryo province.

23.    Sattarov Chori-The head of the veterinary of  Surkhandaryo region.

24.    Jumaboyev Saydullo-The head of the department of increasing cadres qualification of Sam AI.

25.    Durdiyev Shokir-The head of the veterinary of  Khorazm region.

26.    Tangiarikov Bahriddin-The head of the veterinary of  Sirdaryo region.

27.    Shokirov Olimjon-The director of cotton cleaning plant of Kattakurgan.

28.    Fozilov Mexroj-The director of Uzbek-Korea Joint venture “Agromir”

29.    Sherkobilov Shoymamat-Hakim of  Termiz  region.

30.    Kilichev Tulkin-The director of “Uzkorakul” company.



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